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Hello Ladies:

So, this is where we are:
Not MUCH has changed in regards to restrictions. While establishments may have
been given the ability to have a full capacity, they still have to abide by social
distancing rules. This is virtually impossible for some of our sponsors. There are
bars that are getting sited weekly for either serving after 10:00 or not following
social distancing rules. We've also had a couple bars completely close.

We asked every captain what their opinion was on playing this season and we had a
healthy majority say that they feel like we should hold off until next season. So, that
is what we are going to do. There will be no league play for the 2020-2021 season.
Hopefully everything will be back to "close enough" to normal that we can pick up
next September for the 2021-2022 season.

For those teams that want to play other willing teams in non-league related play,
contact an officer and we will give you a contact person for those teams.

Please stay safe this fall and winter ♥.

-W.I.D.L. Officers
Cindy, Shelly, Kortney & Sheila

Away Score Sheet

Please contact an officer with any questions!

Cindy Inman, Shelly Farr, Kortney Weber and Sheila Apodaca
WIDL - Women's Invitational Dartball League
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