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Hello ladies, Hope this finds everyone in good health!

With the extension to self-distancing we need to take a vote on how to end the
2019/20 season. The following are the 2 options we as officers came up with:

1.) Regular season ends with standings as they are now & playoffs start once bars
open. (keep in mind playoffs are 5 weeks and we could be playing into June,
depending if/when bars open),


2.) Regular season ends with standings as they are, scratch playoffs & divide the
playoff money between all 20 teams.

What we need you as captains to do is send a group text to all 4 officers with your
team name & your vote (#1 or #2) by Friday April 10th.

Cindy 419-260-0666
Lynn 419-699-1555
Kortney 419-290-1513
Sheila 419-779-7392

Officer nominations for the 2020/21 dartball year should have been submitted &
that will be the next thing we need to vote on.

Please get your "end of season" voting text to the officers ASAP!

Keep checking the website for updates.

Take care & hope to see everyone soon at the payout meeting! ��

Top 5 19/20
As of 12/11/19
As of 2/26/20 (AMENDED 3/11)


Away Score Sheet

Please contact an officer with any questions!

Cindy Inman, Lynn Hart, Kortney Weber and Sheila Apodaca
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